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Last update on Monday, May 1, 2017  

Che 101 - Notes from the Classroom (what we did each day)

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General Information You will be able to access classroom materials, such as exams and exam keys, slideshows, worksheets and keys, and other notes from this page. Some materials will be protected by password. See above.
Friday 5/5/2017 Comprehensive Final Exam for Section 2
Wednesday 5/3/2017 Comprehensive Final Exam for Section 1
Monday 5/1/2017

Review Session, 4-6pm, Latter 102

Guides and Practice Problems for each chapter:

Friday 4/28/2017

Section 2, Group 1 (Originally scheduled for 4/26):

Review session

Reminder: Course evaluations are due today.

Wednesday 4/26/2017

Section 1, Group 1:

Section 1, Group 2:


Section 2, Group 1:



Monday 4/24/2017

Section 1, Group 1:

Section 1, Group 2:


Section 2, Group 1:

Section 2, Group 2:

Friday 4/21/2017

Section 1, Group 1:

Section 1, Group 2:


Section 2, Group 1:

Section 2, Group 2:

Wednesday 4/19/2017

Section 1, Group 1:

Section 1, Group 2:


Section 2, Group 1:

Section 2, Group 2:

Monday 4/17/2017 Happy Easter!
Friday 4/14/2017 Happy Easter!

Wednesday 4/12/2017


No formal class today.

  • Please use your time to
    1. Complete your course evaluations. These will count as your "in-class activity" for today; the grade will be the same for everyone and will equal the percentage of students who complete the evaluation.
    2. Meet with your group to address the guidelines and requirements in Group Assignment #3. Additional guidance is on the previous two group assignments (#1, #2)

  • FYI: Exam grading will very likely not be complete by class time.

Monday 4/10/2017

Exam 4 covered Chapters 10, 11, and 16

Friday 4/7/2017

Biochemistry and Review for Exam

  • Second Group Project Homework Assignment is due today. (see 3/31)

Wednesday 4/5/2017


Monday 4/3/2017

Biochemistry - Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Friday 3/31/2017

Biochemistry - Carbohydrates and Lipids


Wednesday 3/29/2017

Nuclear Chemistry

  • Second Slideshow on Nuclear Chemistry (Viewing / Printing)
  • Homework on Nuclear Chemistry,
    due Friday, 3/31/2017, at start of class.
    (Answer Key)
  • Note: I posted more online homework yesterday, please take a look.

Monday 3/27/2017

Nuclear Chemistry

Friday 3/24/2017

More about Polymers

  • Slideshow on Polymers - continued from Wednesday.
  • Another Slideshow on Polymers (Viewing / Printing)
  • Homework on Polymers, due Monday at start of class. (Answer Key)

Wednesday 3/22/2017

Chapter 10 - Polymers

Monday 3/20/2017

Exam 3 covered Chapters 7, 8, and 9.

Friday 3/17/2017

Exam 3 Review

Wednesday 3/15/2017

Organic Chemistry

Monday 3/13/2017

Organic Chemistry

Spring Break

Online Homework / Mastering Chemistry

  • New assignments are available.
    Some of you may have noticed that the homework for Chapters 7, 8, and 9 are all online and available. The first one is due Thursday night, March 16. The others are due on Sunday, March 19.

Friday 3/3/2017

Organic Chemistry

Wednesday 3/1/2017

Oxidation and Reduction

Monday 2/27/2017

Oxidation and Reduction

Friday 2/24/2017

Acids and Bases

Wednesday 2/22/2017

Acids and Bases

  • Covered definitions, examples, properties, names of acids and bases. Discussed neutralization, acid-base indicators, and pH.
  • In-Class Activity on Acids & Bases (Answer Key)

Monday 2/20/2017

Exam 2 covers Chapters 4-6

Friday 2/17/2017

Review Day

Wednesday 2/15/2017

Intermolecular Forces

Monday 2/13/2017

Intermolecular forces in substances and solutions, Gas laws

Friday 2/10/2017

Stoichiometry Calculations, Solutions

Wednesday 2/8/2017

Shapes of molecules, Balancing Equations

Monday 2/6/2017

Chemical Reactions - Ch 5

Friday 2/3/2017

Chemical Compounds

Wednesday 2/1/2017

Ions and Ionic Compounds

Monday 1/31/2017

Exam 1 covered Chapters 1-3

Friday 1/27/207

Review Day

Wednesday 1/25/2017

Radioactivity and Review Slideshow

Monday 1/23/2017

Electrons, Line Spectra, Energy Levels, Orbitals, Electron Configurations

Friday 1/20/2017

Atomic Theory, Early Experiments, Subatomic Particles

Wednesday 1/18/2017

Moles, Molar Masses, Avogadro's Number, Subatomic Particles, Isotopes

Monday 1/16/2017 MLK Holiday
Friday 1/13/2017

Early atomic theory from Chapter 2, plus more practice with unit conversions.

Wednesday 1/11/2017

More from Chapter 1, including categorization of matter, changes in state, physical changes, chemical changes, physical and chemical properties, plus an introduction to measurements and unit conversions.

  • Slideshow on Matter (Viewing / Printing)
  • Don't forget to get into Mastering Chemistry and start (maybe even finish) the assignment that's due on Friday. No late online sub mittals will be accepted. More homework will be available online soon.
  • Unit Conversion Equalities reference sheet.
    I'll expect you to know the bolded ones.
  • In-Class Activity on Matter (Answer Key)
  • The Elements song, written and sung by Tom Lehrer
    (another animated version) (live version, 1967)
  • The Elements song, sung by Daniel Radcliffe

Tuesday 1/10/2017

First day of class. We will focus on administrative details, then jump into the history of chemistry and some elementary concepts regarding matter and the changes it undergoes.

  • Slideshow on Chapter 1, Chemistry
    (1 slide per page for Viewing / 6 slides per page for Printing)
  • Mastering Chemistry Homework (
    Course ID is CHE101SPRING2017PLNU
  • Group Project details and guidelines
  • Syllabus
  • Schedule