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Last update on 18 January, 2017  
Chemistry 101 - Syllabus - page 4
Success in Chemistry A very good way to do well in my class is to focus carefully on the topics being discussed during the lecture and in the homework, quizzes, and activities. Don't just check-in physically; be there in body, mind, and spirit; and pay attention. Force yourself, if necessary, to be interested in the concepts. It's likely you'll become more interested that way. Really, it works. Understand what your professor wants you to know for exams. How will you know what that is? Well, pay attention during class, go over your notes after class and compare what I covered to what is in the book, do the homework assignments and make sure you can come up with the answers on your own, try the multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter, try the questions at the end of each chapter, ask me questions in class, send me emails or visit me in my office if you don't quite get something. The questions you see while you're studying should resemble those that you see on the exams, so make sure you can answer them correctly without having to take too long figuring out what to do.

The University wants you to be able to understand scientific concepts, and know something about how scientists think. This course is an introduction to chemical concepts and lab techniques. I love teaching courses like this because students who start off intimidated by or uninterested in science often finish the course with new-found interest and a confidence that they can learn more. With so many local, national, and global issues and policies centered around scientific theories, it is critical that you as a responsible citizen can separate the good science from the rhetoric and scare tactics, so you can make informed decisions as we all strive to keep society functioning and growing, safely and sustainably, into the future.
Questions? Please ask questions. It is my job to answer them. Scientists are curious characters. People either know all the answers or they ask. Those who ask typically become the smartest people in the class. This truism will apply not only in your classes at PLNU, but also in your workplace. Questions are the key to successful communication of what you expect from, or will do for others. I usually assume that students understand me, so if you are so lost that you don't know what to ask, please ask me what to ask.
I have never heard an unnecessary question.
Online Homework Online homework from will be assigned for each chapter. Details and due dates will be posted as we get to each chapter in lecture. You are responsible for checking the Mastering Chemistry website to see updates as the semester progresses. I will give reminders in class and/or via email. Usually, the first assignment for a chapter will be due as we start the chapter, and the second will be due near the exam date.
Group Project During the second half of the semester, you will work in groups of three or four students to research and present a topic that interests you. The textbook covers quite a few topics that we will not have time to cover formally, so the group project gives you an opportunity for more diverse learning. Ideally, the topic should be a current global issue in which chemistry plays a role in understanding, measuring, or helping to resolve the issue. I hope you will enjoy these presentations.
Missed Work If you are absent and miss a class, you will receive a zero grade for any graded work that you miss, including exams. A zero grade on an exam would result that score being dropped, according to the grade details in the box above.
Classroom Please be respectful to others. Arrive on time and set your electronic devices to silent mode or (preferably) off. I expect you to read through the book at least twice, once before and once after. I expect you to do the homework on time and to ask me questions, in person or by email, whenever you have trouble understanding anything. No late homework will be accepted.
"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun." - Mary Poppins